Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Top 6 Favorite Baby Things This Time Around

I know trying to figure out what you "need" for a baby is overwhelming. Have you ever been inside a Babies R Us? Ahh! So.many.things.

So I am going to share a few of my favorite baby items this time around. Obviously everyone needs the basics like diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, etc. But here are a few items that are just super helpful...

1. The Nosefrida: I saw this when Griffin was a baby, but I thought it sounded disgusting. Sucking his snot out with my mouth?! Eww! Ha! But it really isn't gross, and it really works so amazingly well. There is a filter, so you are not getting snot anywhere near your mouth. And it is easy, quick and pretty much a lifesaver. I got mine at Target.

2. Soundspa Lullaby: I love this thing! It projects a little moving picture onto the ceiling, which is just bright enough to be a good night light. It really helped me when I was having to do middle of the night feedings and diaper changes those first few months. The sounds part works great and has several options. I prefer the ocean one. I bought mine on Amazon.

3. Ergo: I love my Ergo. A lot. My mom bought mine on Zulily for almost 50% off a few years ago. I can still wear Griffin in it on my back if I want, but I can also wear a newborn on the front. Lots of versatility. And I can wear a kid for hours without my back hurting. Yay!! Seriously worth the investment. And you may wonder why this is better than a bjorn or cheaper one in the store? Good question! This carrier makes sure your kid is sitting and not dangling, which is much better for their hips and your back. Trust me it's worth the price tag.

4. Rock N Play: Most people have heard how amazing these are by now. They had just come out when Griffin was a baby, but now they are everywhere! Soooo love this thing. They are so easy to fold and take anywhere, move to different spots in the house and they don't take up much space when open. They are inclined so they are great for babies who spit up more, or when baby is congested. A friend got ours from Babies R Us. Amazon and Target both have great prices too.

5. SwaddleMe: I love these baby straight jackets! Ha. Grady is a huge swaddle baby. SwaddleMe has great size large also if your baby is long or still likes to be swaddled at 5 months... I am going to be sad when we can't swaddle anymore. He sleeps so well! So people say their baby gets arms out of this easy, but I think if you are using it right that's pretty unlikely. Arms need to be down at babies side, not crossed on their chest. And make sure it's tight! I always do it, then unvelcro and pull a tad tighter. Snug as a bug. And it's so cute in the morning when I unswaddle him and he stretches. Precious.

6. Moby Wrap: Oh how I love my moby. I loved it with Griffin as well. This wrap is so wonderful for little ones especially. They are comfy, and give you extra snuggle time with your little one while freeing you up to do things too. Love it! My sister got us ours last time. Amazon, Babies R Us, and Target all sell these.

I hope that's helpful! I plan to do a list of my favorite products for the breastfeeding mom soon as well.

What was your favorite baby product? Share it in the comments to help out soon to be parents!

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