Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Grady is 4 months Old!

Grady turned 4 months two weeks ago. Well, I was actually confused when to count it, because February only has 28 days and he was born on the 30th... Haha.

This month has really flown by! He is now 14 lbs 12oz and 26" long! He is in the 73rd Percentile for his length, which cracks me up. I wonder how long he will get to be "tall"? Because you know he doesn't have a chance of actually being tall... He is in the 27th percentile for weight. The doctor is very happy with how he has grown and gained weight, so yay for that!

He continued to sleep pretty well this month. Most nights he does his last feeding around 8-8:30 and then sleeps until 5:30am. He does wake some at 2:30 for his paci, but then goes right back to sleep. We did have a growth spurt this month so there were a few nights where I was up quite a bit. His naps are random. He seems to always sleep for 45 min at daycare. At home he will go longer. But he doesn't seem to be affected by it so it works for me. Ha. With Griffin I was so scheduled, and with Grady I just try to watch to see if he is tired. He can go quite awhile awake now and be happy as can be. I do always rock him to sleep for naps or night though, so probably at some point that will have to stop. At this point with Griffin I had been laying him down awake and having him fall asleep on his own for a long time, but Grady seems so young for that. Ha! Different perspective.

He still nurses on a three hour schedule usually. Nursing has really hit a groove and is going by much quicker too. Seriously moms who are struggling at the beginning- keep with it! It gets so much better. It's funny to think about how many times I thought of giving up the first two months. So glad I didn't. He just started taking 4 & 1/2 oz in his bottles, and if daycare had it their way he would have 6-7oz! Ahh.

He has hit the "obsessed with hands in his mouth" phase this month. Griffin probably says "fingers are not good Grady" twenty times a day! Hehe. He is trying to be a thumb sucker, and we are trying hard to prevent it. He started reaching out and grabbing toys right at the end of this month, so now we can kind of play some! Yay!

He still loves to lay on his back and kick those legs. He also loves to be stood up. He has started trying to laugh, but can't get the whole sound out yet.

We are in full on drool mode, thank you teething. No teeth in sight yet though. He really found his voice and loves to be loud now. He is the noisiest sleeper I have ever heard, so many grunts and sounds.

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