Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Adventures- While we were at camp...

So while we had youth at camp a few weeks ago, Griffin was off having his own adventures in TN! He stayed with my parents for the week, and this year he had such a blast he didn't even want to take time to FaceTime us at night. Last year, by nighttime he was missing us and wanted to talk. This year, every time we called he just said "love you! Too busy playing, don't wanna talk!" And off he went. Ha! 
He had such a blast spending time with the cousins and chilling with Peeps as KneKne. Uncle Ashley made his week by letting him drive the boat! And of course, crazy Mimi kept him laughing. 

I am so thankful that Griffin loves to spend time with our families. It is wonderful to still be able to serve and do ministry that I love, while not worrying about how my son is. 

After camp, Griffin came back to us for two days then Grandma came and rescued him from all the moving chaos. So thankful for that!! He spent three days in Louisville visiting Grandma and Papaw, and had a blast again. 

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