Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Adventures: Kris's Wedding

I have been majorly slacking in the blog department, but this summer has been packed full and I am gonna try to back track to get it all written down soon. So bare with me :-) 

At the beginning of June, Karen and I had a girls weekend trip to Utah for Kristen's wedding!! Karen and I have both been married for a while, so it was super fun to get to go celebrate with Kris for her big day now. I probably haven't flown since Kristen and I flew to Mexico to visit Karen, which was several years ago (maybe 5?). Flying preggo is great fun... Not! 

Anyhow, we got to Utah super late Thursday night and got to meet Jordan, Kristen's soon-to-be-hubby. They are perfect for one another! Then we tried to get some sleep before the big weekend. Of course, the sun was bright as mid-day at 5am so there was no sleeping in for the weary!! Haha. 

On Friday we went to see their future apartment (so cute), and had lunch with Kristen's dad, stepmom, brother and his whole clan (wife and 4 kiddos). Then we got pedicures☺️. 

Friday night we had a picnic with Kristen's mom and the whole family in a park. It was lovely weather and a great time. After that we headed back to the apartment to get all the last minute stuff ready for the next day. 

They got married in this historic old church in a park/canyon place. It was so cute. So Saturday we decorated, got ready, and then Karen and I tried our best to be photographers! I literally almost passed out during the ceremony, which would have been awful. 

We had dinner with the newlyweds and Kris's dad and stepmom, then tried to rest before an early morning flight back. Whew, it was a whirlwind but I am so glad we got to be there for this awesome day!! 

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