Saturday, January 25, 2014

Griffin at 2 & 1/2

My baby boy is over 2 & 1/2 years old now. Wow how time flies! Overall, we have loved this stage with Griffin. He is a wonderful talker and says the funniest things. Until this week, fits were pretty rare and he was a pretty obedient child. This past week has been a bit rough ;-) ha! But he is a toddler and it is to be expected. Here are the things I want to remember about this age:

- Griffin and Daddy have cute little fights over calling me their "babe". Mr.Pate calls me babe, so Griffin will say, "no she's my babe" or "I'm kissing you're babe daddy". Too cute.
- When he is telling a story Griffin repeatedly says "and so"... It's funny.
- I say seriously quite a bit in a day. So Griffin says it too, only he leaves off the "ly" and he just ends up saying "serious". Ha!
- A few weeks ago, Griffin declared that one of our youth was his girlfriend. I told him he cannot have a girlfriend until he is 20. So he will now tell everyone "no girlfriends till I twenty". Too cute!
- Each night when we pray Griffin prays and thanks God for tickling and tackling! Ha.
- He loves loves loves to dance.
- Favorite shows: Sesame Street, bear stein bears, movies, big red on you tube
- Favorite movies: Madagascar 2, toy story 3, wreck it Ralph, open season 2
- He is a candy monster. He loves loves loves candy and will even call himself a candy monster. (We are not really one of those withhold the sugar families, ha.)
- Loves to "write". Give him a pen and paper and he is happy as a lark.
- He still doesn't say most "sp" and "sc" sounds. So it's still a pot instead of spot and choolbus instead of school bus. Still cracks me up.
- We started playing games with him and he is pretty good! We play hi ho cherry-o, candy land, go fish, hungry hungry hippo, and Jenga. We are a game loving family so this makes me soo happy. I don't want to wish the time away by any means, but I do look forward to when our family is old enough to have Friday night family game nights.
- He loves to help us cook or bake. And he does really well as a helper too.
- He still doesn't sleep great. We go through a month of great sleep then a month of horrid sleep and repeat. Someday.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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