Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend this year. I started it off Thursday by having a massage courtesy of my boys! (Thanks babe!) It was glorious. I spend all day promoting and booking massages, and rarely get them myself. So it was truly the best gift ever.
Friday we headed to Lousiville right after work to see Grandma, Papaw and Uncle Ed. It was a gross rainy drive for sure. But our new van has a DVD player, which we decided to use for the first time. Griffin loved it. Uncle D rode with him in the back.
We went out to eat with Grandma and played for awhile. Then headed to bed. Saturday morning we got to play with Papaw some before he had to go to sleep (he is a baker and works nights) then spent the day with Grandma and Uncle Ed. I love how much Griffin loves all of them and is so comfortable with them, even though he doesn't see them super often. It's a blessing really. I would hate for our short visits to be wasted with "warming up to them" time. He just runs right to them and loves all on them! Yay!
We drove back home late Saturday night and went to church Sunday. After church and lunch we headed to Gallatin to surprise my mom (or at least try to surprise her). My sister and I had planned to cook my moms favorite foods and surprise her when she got off. She had no idea we were coming down. She ended up going to her house first, where Mr.Pate and Ashley were helping my dad with something. So she was surprised but I didn't get to see the face. Oh well. She was still thrilled we were there and it was an awesome laid back visit with my family. I feel like every time we go to Gallatin there are a million things going on so we never just hangout. What a blessing quality time is.
We love our families so much. So glad we got some much needed time with them!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

And a shout out to the Mom's in my life, I couldn't be more blessed!
My crazy momma:

My crazy mother-in-law, who treats me as her own:

My crazy Becky, who adopted me as her "darling daughter" a decade ago:

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