Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I have a Toddler! Ahh!! Help!

Griffin will be 22 months old next week. The boy can tell you he is "one almost two". I mean, we almost have a two year old. Seriously.

This stage is super fun for sure. But there is definitely a new and very hard part to this stage as well. Griffin has begun full blown toddler tantrums in the last month.

And they are exhausting. And frustrating. And hard to deal with.

Just laying it out there for you. Being real.

My biggest problem right now is that he gets very violent when he is mad or doesn't get his way and begins hitting or pulling hair or pinching. It is no fun. It hurts actually.

It hurts my feelings more than anything. This tiny being whom I love soooo very much is angry and hitting me. Ouch.

It physically hurts me. And it hurts him sometimes bc he is out of control.

So, I need advice. I am well aware that every kid is different etc. but I would like to know how you handled this stage. Please!!!

At this rate- how am I gonna make it to age two?!! Haha.


  1. Tough age = too young to understand the concept of timeout, but old enough to need it. You can't do much but keep saying no no, we don't do that. And then just pray it's a phase...which it is. :) Charli went through something similar and luckily it didn't last long. I know what you mean about hurting your feelings, but oddly, it's doesn't bother you as much the longer they do it - get used to it I guess. He still loves you no matter what...he just doesn't love that you won't let him rule the world the way he wants to! We just ignored Charli a lot and when there was no reaction she eventually just gave up with that tactic. Hopefully for you the next tactic won't be worse! Good luck!

  2. We have been doing time out with Brooks for awhile now...and (knock on wood), he rarely has fits anymore. He still gets upset and doesn't listen sometimes, but there is no more hitting or throwing himself on the floor. He gets 2 minutes and he knows he has to put his face in the corner and not move. Most of the time he cries through it, which breaks my heart. But we always hug afterward and explain that we love him so much and he needs to listen to mommy and daddy. He almost always is happy after the hug and goes back to playing.

  3. Sarah, I am so glad you added the nose in a corner thing. I started doing that last week and it seems to work the best so far! Fits have been fewer, but I am sure it will always fluctuate.