Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Graduation Sarah!

I love me some 3 day weekends, and this past one did not disappoint! Friday afternoon, Griffin and I went to see Baby Lily (see previous post). Then we came home to Daddy, who had cooked yummy hamburgers and fries (as well as mowed the yard, he rocks). Woo hoo! We just hung out at home the rest of the night and had a blast.

Saturday we worked on the yard in the morning (again, see previous post ha). After yard work, I got cleaned up and headed to Warren East's graduation. It was scheduled right at nap time so we opted for Mr. Pate to stay home with the sleeping kid so I could see Sarah graduate. The ceremony seemed to last forever... Blah. I am not really a fan of graduation ceremonies. Seems like by now we should have come up with a more entertaining way of doing this. Just sayin.

Anyhow, after that Dustin and I went back home to get the boys. Then we headed to a graduation party at the Walden's. I love their house so very much. It's like my dream house. It is unique and has an interesting layout and lots of Spanish flair. Nothing to do with the point of the post, but just decided to share. Ha!

After the party, I made the boys grocery shop with me then we headed home to pack. Sunday right after church we headed to Louisville to visit Mr.Pate's parents. His dad is a baker and doesn't get to spend more than an hour or two with us when we come home usually because he has to go to sleep so he can get up and go work thru the night. Sunday and Monday are his days off, so we thought it would be a good time to go. And an added bonus- We got to see Uncle Shelly too!! He happened to be in town for a wedding.More from this visit in the next post.

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