Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just hanging around the house

(Going to try to catch up on things from the past month!)

Griffin has taken a real interest in heavy reading lately.

Daddy got Griffin the cutest frog broom and dust pan. He loves to sweep! Ha!

There is always an Elmo party going on in this house!

Just hanging around ;-)

Not the best sharer out there!

Just eating a whole bin of eggs ;-)

"Cheese!" This boy loves him some burgers.

This is mostly a super fun age right now (except for those fabulous toddler meltdowns).

Griffin has changed so much, he is so grown up. He is talking a ton, and speaking in some sentences now (which is terribly cute!). He still loves to play with my hair, and really loves to dance. Griffin loves Elmo, balls, and cooking in his play kitchen. His favorite is playing on the swing set or at the park. He is eating really well, and some of his favorites are cheese (still this boy loves some dairy), grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and cereal bars. Ha!

He is really into shoulder shrugs right now, which is hilarious. You will ask him a question and he just shrugs his shoulders like "I don't know mom".

This week he has started randomly calling me and Mr.Pate "mom" and "dad". Too soon.

If you ask him how old he is he will say "one... Almost two". So cute.

He knows red, blue, and yellow really well and then most of the time green, orange, pink, and white. He counts to five really well and occasionally past that. He knows his name starts with the letter "G". He loves to color.

We have been watching the movie "Air Buddies" on Netflix and he loves it and calls it air puppies. Ha! The first time we watched it, when the parents were captured he ran to the screen and said "help mommy puppy"! Haha.

In the car or at church if you ask him to sing, he will sing to the whole song (who knows what he is saying though haha). It's precious.

Everyday this kid is saying something new or doing something new. I love it. He is so fun and so precious. Love my kid.

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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