Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's Happening Wednesdays

Back to the daily grind today, blah! I know I am not supposed to complain because I have a great job and got way more time off than most etc etc. And I am sooo grateful and blessed. But that doesn't make getting back to the grind any easier. Anyhow, here is what's happening around these parts:

- We turned the kid forward facing! Lately he has been locking his legs against the backseat and making it very difficult to put him in rear facing. Then he is just angry bc you have to body slam him into the seat. So we flipped the boy around last night. He giggled and laughed the whole ride! Ha! He was so amused at the new deal.
- He runs around now saying "I gooottt it" which is precious. Growing up too fast.
- Our house is kinda in shambles. We are turning the sunroom into a playroom, or at least a large part of it. So that's in the works. And kinda with that we are cleaning out our pantry/random storage room which has just become the dumping ground for everything! Our decoration are still up and I am just not sure when they are coming down. Whatever. I love my tree anyhow :-)
- We actually stayed up until midnight this New Years! Pretty rare around here. I am still paying for it- soooo tired!
- Tonight was our last night in our youth house ever. They will soon be tearing it down in the last steps of our building process. Wow. It is pretty gross and I am still amazed it has withstood all that it has! But it has been a total blessing and gift of ministry too. I have such wonderful memories of bible studies, crazy games, and awesome conversations that have taken place there.
- We are very close to being done with said building project! Praise the Lord ! All being under the same roof? That's cray cray!! Hahaha (and that's just for you Mr.Pate)
- I am so sad the Holidays are over for several reasons, but a big one is they help you be so much more intentional in family time and fun activities.
- Seriously thinking about cutting bangs like Zooey Deschanel. What do you think? I know I did bangs last year, but they weren't as thick and I think that's what I didn't like. Should I go for it???

On a more serious note of what is happening, my grandmother (Memaw) is very sick. She has been in the hospital for weeks now, and they called hospice in tonight. She thankfully had already made big decisions on what steps she wanted taken if she got this bad, which helps my mom and her siblings tremendously. So at this point we have to respect her wishes and just keep her as comfortable as we can until it is time to say goodbye. This could be very soon or a few weeks. The Lord has a plan. I will write a whole post on this soon, bc Memaw is quite the lady and I could fill a book describing her to you guys! Ha! Just pray for my family during this tough tough season. Especially my mom and her siblings, as it is just so hard to lose a parent.

Well that's what's happening here. What do you have going on?

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