Friday, January 25, 2013

Me... A to Z

I have been wanting to blog. But I have been too tired or busy to get any posts up. So for now, enjoy some random Sabrina trivia!

Me...A to Z

age - The big 30
bed size - Queen. King beds make me feel all alone and sad.
chore you hate - Ties between Emptying the dishwasher and putting away the laundry.
dogs - Joey... Aka JoJo or Jo

essential start to your day - C-to-the-offee!
favorite color - Black or brown or tan?

gold or silver - White gold

height - 4'9 & 1/2"
instruments you play - Zero.
job title - Office Associate.
kids - Griffin Alan
live - in a place called Kentucky
married - For 7 years now!
nicknames- Bre, sog
overnight hospital stays - A few nights when I got my thyroid removed, and a week when I had Griffin.
pet peeve - people running their feet on carpet or their hands together. Ugh.
righty or lefty - Righty
siblings - Misty Ann
time you wake up - Whew, I don't want to talk about that this month, it's been a rough start to the year.

university attended - WKU
vegetables you dislike - Okra, Onion, Peppers
what makes you run late - I try to fit one last thing in before I leave to go wherever... Making me late. Every time.
x-rays you’ve had - Dentist. Thyroid.
yummy food - Salmon!
zoo animal favorite - Giraffes or monkeys

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