Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Justin's birthday was yesterday (as well as Uncle D's, Uncle Shelly's, and Papaw's! Yep they all share the same bday!!)

We have had a pretty rough week around these parts bc of sickness, so we didn't have much energy for the day. But Daddy got off super early and got to come home and hangout with us!! We played in our new playroom (update on that coming soon), griffin took a long nap so we could rest, hangout and hang a new shelf. Uncle D came over and played, and then we went to dinner at Shoguns.

Shoguns has become our tradition. Three years ago, they randomly sent Justin a coupon for his birthday, so the two of us went. It just so happened that Haven, her parents and Broady were there too (Havens bday is today!) to celebrate Havens bday. So she and Justin had to do the chicken dance together! Last year we all went together, and it was snowing!!

So of course we had to go back this year too! Yummy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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