Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life around these parts...

--- My Grandmother (Memaw) passed away on January 3rd. I will write a whole post on this soon, but definitely started the year off on a sad note.
--- I spent all of that weekend with my family or scanning pictures for a memorial slideshow.
--- Justin did the funeral and did a wonderful job (it was Sunday the 6th). So thankful for that man.
--- Griffin woke up screaming Sunday night then proceeded to throw up six times throughout the night. Ick. Again I am so thankful for a husband that gets up and helps clean up every time- even when he has to be at work at 5am. Basically neither of us slept that night.
--- My mom & Dad came and helped take care of Griffin last week. She also cleaned out the pantry I was saying was out of control. It's amazing now!! So amazing.
--- Griffin didn't sleep Monday night either. So Tuesday he went to the doctor- he has an ear infection! Blah.
--- Justin took down all of our Christmas stuff for me. Incredible.
--- Becky's Brother passed away on Tuesday unexpectedly (those of you who read along know Becky is like a second mom to me). Man a rough start to the year I am just saying.
--- Griffin continued to wake at 12:30ish and not sleep until 4am most of the week.
--- We have almost gotten the sunroom/playroom transformation done.
I am so loving it. It had really become a place to stack stuff, so I am so glad to have a use for it and it be organized. Plus it gives us so much storage for toys. It's nice to have more space for griffin too. Love.

All I can think of for the moment. 2013 has come in like a Lion... Hoping it goes out like a lamb. Whew.

And some pictures from the last two weeks...

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