Saturday, December 29, 2012

A much overdue update

I have been meaning to blog all week! Goodness time gets away from you so easy, doesn't it?

- Mr.Pate has had some stomach bug for the last two days, ick. Poor thing! And two days with no daddy has felt like an eternity! Glad he is on the mend.
- My college besties came to BG yesterday for the first ever kid-get together-extravaganza. It.was.crazy. (Sidenote- I really wanted to put cray-cray right there, bc I keep seeing it everywhere and think its funny. But it didn't feel like me. Can I use cray-cray? anyhow...) We had 7 kids under the age of 5 there. I am very thankful that good ol Tommy J let us use the BCM because where in the world would all those kids go on my house? Haha! Seriously, I was so glad we did it!i feel like I never see my friends kids an I think it's sad. Wish I could see them grow up week to week. I really do. They are some fabulous kids.
- One of those 7 kiddos was Moses, you know the one we made a few ornaments a for? He is hilarious. Busy busy and full of life! Loved seeing his smiling face.
- My kid seriously loves to be chased. Luckily my friend Aprils children wanted to chase him all over the place. Woo hoo!
- I still have my Christmas stuff up. We always keep it up until the New Year. It makes me sad to take it down too quick! But I feel like this year everyone was in a hurry to get their stuff down. Sad times.
- I have been meaning to sit down and do a Christmas recap post... Coming soon. Hopefully before New Years right?! Haha!
- I am typing this post in bed, so pardon all the typos. I just didn't want to leave the poor blog neglected any longer.
- Well that about sums up what's on y brain.

As Griffin would say, "nigh nigh"!

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