Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The small moments

Motherhood... There are these tiny moments everyday that I want so desperately to never forget. I have already forgotten many of the little details from the tiny days. So here are a few of the current moments I want to bottle up and take with me forever.

--- Sometimes when I get Griffin up from a nap or out of bed in the mornings, he will tuck his arms in between his chest and mine and nuzzle into me.
--- The kid gives the best hugs ever. He will wrap his arms tightly around me and squeeze. He also puts his check on mine and then squeezes in for a hug.
--- Sometimes we will just be sitting around reading or watching a show and he will just keep popping up and giving me a big hug every few minutes. Melt my heart.
--- He loves to play with my hair. Almost anytime I am holding him he is playin with my hair.
--- We are in the "wuv vu" stage. Could any phrase be sweeter?
--- Lately in the mornings he has wanted a banana first thing. So a few times I just sat in the kitchen floor and fed it to him. This morning he pointed to a banana, sat down on the kitchen floor and smiled the biggest smile.
--- We had a dance party in the kitchen yesterday. Sweet moments.
--- When he realizes we are about to see Daddy (when coming home or getting to Starbucks or something) he says "daddy" in this sweet whispery excited voice. So cute.
--- When he says Jo, his lips stick out in this little duck like way. It's adorable.
--- If I whisper to him in the mornings, just because its quiet and I tend to do that, he whispers back. Love his whisper voice.
--- Every time I take his shirt off, Griffin grabs his chest/belly and smiles or laughs. I don't know why he thinks a bare belly is so funny but it cracks him up.

This kid blesses my heart so much.

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  1. This is such a great post - I don't write on the blog very often about all the cute things my kids do and I've been thinking a lot about this, lately! I really need to write these things down so that I can remember them! BTW, I finally answered your question on my blog. :)