Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Chatterings

• We tried the Lemon-Dijon Chicken and potatoes last night. I'll save you the disappointment, it was not that tasty at all.
• I am so over this election. I really hate what it brings out in people. Don't get me wrong, I am all for fighting for what you believe in and am truly thankful to live in America where what we believe actually matters. But people use an election as an excuse to completely assassinate a persons character. Some of these attacks against both sides are just down right hate. Is that really ok? And news flash- nether of them will save America and fix all of these problems. They aren't saviors, just men willing to serve who are both in need of our Savior- the only true King (just as we all are). Ok, end rant.
• We played the Wii with Griffin tonight! He was pretty enthralled for about ten minutes, then he was over it. Haha.
• Mr.Pate and I played after we got the kid to bed. Reminded me of such a sweet time in our marriage! Except tonight I actually beat him at several things (which has never happened!) and I didn't bruise his elbow in a heated game of tennis. Haha!
• Recently I realized that Netflix finally for Dawson's Creek on it, have I mentioned that? So anyhow, I am re-watching the whole series. You know I love my teen dramas (well really just this and One Tree Hill). A few things to note of course: 1. The theme song is not the "I don't wanna wait" song we all fondly associate with the 90s drama. Apparently they don't have the funding to get the license for it to play on DVDs and Netflix. So instead it's a song called "Run like mad" that was originally wrote to be the theme song and changed at last minute. 2. Yes I researched to find the last bit of info out. 3. There is really no plot development on this show! Like suddenly there is a B&B at Joeys house, suddenly Jacks dad is home, etc. Though I am loving it due to the nostalgia, it's hard not to notice how poorly it's done. Eh.

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