Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Farewell DC, all over again.

Long time no see, sorry about that. What have I been up to???

--- I have been watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix. Like that's what I have been doing with any freetime. No blog reading, not much Facebook, or actual tv watching. I get totally obsessed when I have the option to keep hitting "next episode" right away!'lol!
--- Dawson's Creek is one of my two all time favorite shows ever (One Tree Hill being the other of course, yep I am a teen drama nerd). So I was pumped when Netflix finally got it! It had been forever since I had seen it, prob the summer after junior year of college to be exact.
--- Though I have loved rewatching it for nostalgic purposes, I must say the story lines, character development, and graphic quality pretty much suck. It's funny how I thought it was so good when it was actually on. It goes to show you that if you can get the audience to make an emotional connection with the characters, they will continue to faithfully watch EVEN if they think your quality sucks. Haha!
--- Bawled like a baby tonight watching the last episodes. I hated Jen in the first two seasons and thought they should just get rid of her character, but then she grew on me and in the college years she was prob my fav. The final episodes with her are sooooo sad.
--- I forgot how much I loved that Joey ends up with Pacey. I always liked them more. Dawson always got on my nerves. Blah!
--- Watching this show just brings back so many memories from high school and college. In one of the episodes in the college years, Joey shares that when you are in high school you just always feel like every move is going to change the course of your life forever. And it will. But as we grow up we learn that it's ok, and that doesn't have to mean life or death for every little thing. If only we understood that at 16.
--- I am always sooo sad when shows are over. I feel like I have gotten to know these people so well, and now they are just gone from my life!! (And yes I realize they are fictional!) sad times.
--- On Netflix they played a different theme song than the regular Paula Cole. "I don't wanna wait" we all remember from the show because of license rights etc. But for some reason they play it on the last two episodes?!! Why??
--- Also another very random music fact, in the college years there is a scene where Jen is listening to a really loud music and standing in a chair dancing at Gram's. the song is "Teenage Wasteland" in the original show, but on Netflix it played some other random song that didn't have near the same respect. I was disappointed. That random episode is the only reason I know the song "Teenage Wasteland".

Farewell a second time Dawson's Creek. I am sure ill visit you again in a few years lol!

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