Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loved Today

Thanks to my awesome workplace, I had today off! Thank you Election Day 2012. And I feel like I made the very most of it that I could.

Me and my boy hung out this morning. I cleaned this house a bunch. Griffin took a 3 hour nap this morning and an hour nap this afternoon! I tried a cleaning thing i had seen on Pinterest (love when i actually do Pinterest stuff!). Griffin and I went and voted ;-) We dropped in on some friends and just chatted. I cooked yummy mini meatloaves for dinner (you really need to try that recipe). Griff and I went to watch Daddy and many more from our church play volleyball. Griffin climbed and played and had a blast. We snuggled. I did lots of laundry. And now Mr. Pate and I are watching some election coverage.

Feel very blessed to have had extra time with my amazing son, and to have gotten so much done! Woo hoo!!!

1 comment:

  1. SO much fun...glad you got a day with your boy!