Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life Update around here

• Poor little man is getting all FOUR molars this week 😢! So not fun for anyone!!
• He also got a round of shots on Monday, AND was bit at daycare the same day! Not his day I tell ya.
• He barely slept for three nights. Just grabbing his mouth, drooling soooo badly and basically a hot mess.
• I guess we have had it coming bc we really didn't have any problems with all the other teeth.
• Mr.Pate and I are in a weight loss challenge group until December. It has actually motivated us and we have both lost. But now we need to really get serious. I hate losing weight! Blah.
• Last night, Griffin pretty much cried from when we picked him up from daycare (1pm) until 6pm. Then Daddy and Uncle D were able to cheer him up and the laughter was music to my ears! They chased him all around the house and also made many laps around our house pushing him on his train. Such great men!

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