Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Bag Swap!

Busy Bag Swap

I have seen so many "busy bag" activities come up on my Pinterest feed in the last year and wanted to try them out. So I finally took initiative and organized a "busy bag swap". I wanted to keep it small and simple, so I picked 3 other friends who have kids around Griffin's age. We each picked 2 activities to make, which would give our kids 8 total. Here are the activities we ended up with:

Lacing activity: I made this one and Griffin loves it. It doesnt keep his attention for very long though. And he cannot lace it on his own yet, but he can do it well if I hold the ribbon out for him. 

Felt Cupcake: An extra one I added in just cause. 

I Spy Bottles: I made this one too, and it did not turn out the way I had hoped. Number one the rice is apparently dusty and coated everything I put in it white. Number two I put everything in at once then poured the rice, which just made it hard to hide everything. So I would suggest somehow making your rice not powdery and adding a few things then rice then a few things etc. Also, you really need to make sure you have the stronger bottles, not the thin water bottles. Ours are very crinkly :-(

Pom Pom Stuff In: Griffin loves this one and it keeps his attention for long periods of time. 

Color Wheel: Griffin likes the clothes pins but cant quite get them on the wheel yet. But its really good practice for him and I think he will get pretty soon. 

Pipe Cleaner Stuff In: He loves to pull them out, but cant put them in yet. Pipe cleaners bend too easy. 

Egg Matchup: He loves to take the eggs out and put them back in. 

Tong Pick Up: Griffin loves tongs but does not want to pick things up yet. He gets mad at me when I do! haha! 

Fishing Game:  This one is sooo cool! Griffin only wants to play with the fish so far, but He will like fishing soon I think.

Here are some more great ideas and explanations about how to put on a swap: 

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