Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi Blog

::: I am tired. It's not been my week.
::: I hurt my ankle Monday night around 2 am while trying to get out of bed and get my son... I was hardcore limping for two days but it is so much better now. Yay!
::: Someone tried to bust into my neighbors back door while she was standing right there the other night, scary! So now we are all freaked out. Mr.Pate closed last night so Griff and I hungout with them until he got off. No way I am hanging out by myself! Ugh!
::: Did I mention I am tired? Really thinking about doing CIO with Griff, but am confused. He doesn't eat great during the day, so I am nervous to give up the night feedings. I would still like to feed him around 11 and maybe 3. I feel like letting him CIO at wakings I between those times will be confusing for him?? Any thoughts or advice? And some nights he only wakes up those times and then goes right back down, and I am ok with that right now. But the other nights are killing me!
::: We start veggies this weekend! Hope he likes them!
::: Work has been crazy busy for me (most of it is catching up from the craziness of when Griff was sick). Whew.
::: The only time i can find to blog is my pumping sessions, goodness.

All I can say is I am so so so glad it's the weekend!

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