Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7 Months Old!

7 Months Old

Griffin is 7 months old! And we once again discovered our monthly stickers pretty quickly during our "photo shoot", ha!


  • I am not sure what he weighs or how long he is this month, but we go to get the 2nd part of the flu shot on Friday so I am going to throw him on the scale while we are there!
  • Clothing: He is too big for his 3 month clothing now, but can still wear his 3-6 month stuff. Mainly 6 month and 6-9 month though. 
  • We are still Breastfeeding! He is still nursing every 4 hours (or taking a bottle at daycare). 
  • This month we started SOLIDS too! We started with rice cereal and did that for 3 weeks at different times of the day. Griffin is not the biggest cereal fan. Then we started with avocado which he was ok with, but it was not very ripe either. After that we did carrots, which he loved! We have now done carrots, sweet potatoes and acorn squash. I plan to do a post on this soon. 
  • The spitting up is so much better! He still spits up when he burps usually, but it is a small amount and typically it is only once or twice, rather than the 5 or 6 times we were at. So glad this is improving! 
  • Daytime Sleep: He still struggles to take good naps at daycare. He will sometimes take an hour nap there 2 times a day, but often he takes two or three 30 minutes naps instead. At home he will take hour or hour and a half naps two or three times a day. 
  • Nighttime Sleep: He is still not sleeping through the night, but we have seen improvement most nights. He goes to bed great at around 7pm. We do our nighttime routine of sitting on the couch in the nursery together as a family and reading a bible story. Then we push the sleep music button on our Scout toy and pray. After that I lay him in his crib awake and he goes to sleep. He will typically wake up around 10 or 11 and nurse again then go straight back to sleep. Then if its a good night he wakes once more to nurse around 2 or 3 but goes right back down. Other nights he will wake randomly and I try to let him cry himself back to sleep. At this point it is what it is and I am moving closer to doing full blown cry it out. But since he doesnt eat much during the day and is smaller than most, I keep feeding him in the middle of the night just in case he really needs it. 
  • Milestones: Griffin can now wave, clap and put his hand out when you say High Five! So fun! His wave is slow and usually facing him and not you, which makes it even more cute I believe. He loves to clap and does it over and over again. I think we are confusing him with signing more though, and sometimes his clap is with two closed hands instead. He is still scooting backwards but not crawling frontwards at this point. But he wants to really bad and is getting frustrated about it. He has pulled up on a few things this month too. 
  • He is just so fun at this stage. He loves to eat and gets excited in his highchair. Its too cute. He loves to sit on the floor with some toys and just play. He really enjoys his exersaucer and will stay in it for about 30 minutes sometimes (yay for being able to shower and blow dry my hair because of this!). He loves to play with the cat, which I should probably call terrorize the cat. He also has the cutest laugh ever! 
7 months gone already. Man this goes fast! 

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  1. Cutest child ever! I love the clapping!! He'll figure out that closed fists means "more" eventually! :)