Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas 2016: Opryland with the Broadys

This year we did our annual trip to Opryland with the Broady's the day after Christmas. It was still way busier than I expected! We went to the Rainforest Cafe first, which the little ones ate up. The tigers even had cute Santa hats on!

After dinner we "rolled out" to the hotel... haha! We opted to walk thru the mall this year and stay parked on the Rainforrest Cafe side. I think it went well and we got more steps! (Well except for poor Bro whose fitbit didn't pick up all his steps because he was pushing the stroller! Haha)

First things first, we hit up the big ol tree for some family photo opps. Then we just meandered through. This is our fourth or fifth year, but we still never know where we are going exactly. Ha!

We headed out to see the nativity and big tree. Several of the trees had whole sides of lights out, which we said must mean they are on strike after Christmas. Ha.

Poor Justin headed in to play under the tree with the kids and the rest of us just didn't follow, so he had to keep up with all three. Oops.

Porter was snug as a bug in the stroller, and Grady isn't smiling, but other than that I thought the group pic turned out excellent!

An example of a whole side of lights being out:

Oh the annual elevator race... the boys walked right over and got on.... while we waited on our side....

And this is them continuing to wait at the bottom for us....

It took FOREVER and then when we finally got an elevator we pushed the wrong floor! Geez we lost bad this year.

And here is a look at all the themed trees this year...

We ended the night watching the fountain show...

And lest you think it was all rainbows... haha! Grady got pretty grumpy towards the end of the night. Being 2 is hard.

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