Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas 2016: Louisville Celebrations

We headed to Louisville the day before Christmas Eve. Grady and Uncle Shelly enjoyed some Snapchat fun, haha!

And our boys enjoyed hanging out with family at Grandmas...

We watched Home Alone 2, which I love!
We had some fun over at Papaws the next day too...

Then we headed to Aunt Lisa's for Christmas with the whole family!

It was a great time, and my boys were spoiled rotten. Afterwards we headed back to Grandmas for dinner and presents.

Griffin and Mr.Pate had a surprise gift for me... an ornament with their hair in it!! Ick!! Haha ok backstory...
Last year, I kind of knocked down Grandmas tree (again). While me and Sheldon were under the tree holding it up and trying to fix the tree stand, a braid of hair fell on us... which Jan then said was hers from when she was a little girl and she always put it on the tree. Griffin started dancing around the room with it on his head, and I was totally grossed out. Who puts old hair on their tree??!!! Hahaha So now I have old hair to keep forever as well! Hahaha Well played boys.

Griffin painted them each a decoration all on his own!

We got Kirk a DVD player to bring him into the 21st Century, haha! Mr.Pate got an awesome ice cream maker, and Dustin made Sheldon unwrap a billion things to get to his gift. Haha!

Dinner was delicious, there were too many presents but we had two very happy boys, and we all had a wonderful time. Merry Christmas!

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