Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas 2016: Gingerbread Houses!

Right before Disney, we did our yearly tradition of Gingerbread House decorating at Gammy Becky's! This year I only took Griffin because it was during nap time and Grady just probably wouldn't have been great at this. Haha!

Griffin and I did a train, and he did awesome!

Here is Jeanice and Cameron making theirs perfect as always ;-)

Look at the door Cameron etched herself! The detail is amazing!

I can't remember how many years this is... plus they did it for a few years before I made it to one, so it's been a long time with these lovely ladies!

After Gingerbread, Gammy had art supplies left out from a staff meeting she had recently had, so we painted. Griffin did sooo good at this! He did this snowman himself, and the Santa himself!!

Our finished village! Becky did a Santa sleigh with reindeer that I thought was super cool! And April and Charli had an ugly sweater set that was cute too! Ha!

All the kiddos:

The whole gang:

The original crew:

And me and my little elf:

We did this one together and I love it!

Until next year!

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