Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Kindergarten Adventures Begin

Today was the day- my baby started Kindergarten!!

He had an awesome first day and did so freakin good!! We had to wake him up early, which I was worried about because he normally is super grumpy if you wake him. But he did great and got ready quickly and in a good mood. I wanted to be a part of the drop off today, so we all headed to school at 6:40.

Griffin got to eat Breakfast in the cafeteria and was super excited about that!! So funny breakfast story... Mr.Pate brought a student over to sit with us who didn't speak much English, only Spanish. So Griffin was trying to be nice and talk to the kid, so he told him he could count to ten in Spanish and then did so... The kid just didn't respond and looked back at his food. Griffin turned to me and without skipping a beat said "well that was a bust"! Hahahahaha

We headed down to Mrs.GWord's class after breakfast to do the actual drop off. Griffin was very excited and remembered the way.

We put his backpack up (how cute is that thing?!) and then went to his seat to color and do play dough- yay kindergarten!

I was able to leave him without crying, probably because he was great and made me feel confident. Mr.Pate and I went down to the teachers lounge for the "Boo Hoo Breakfast for Kindergarten parents and I got a doughnut. They had cute kleenexes with little poems on them :-)

I did great until I got to the parking lot to leave. They were saying the pledge over the intercom and I just lost it as I pictured my baby standing in his room saying the pledge!

Griffin had a ball and loved the whole day. He came home in a great mood and was excited all night!

This was a sheet he had to do for school, and his answers melt my heart!!

And a few pictures from Open House night:

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