Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Towards the end of January we got a light dusting of snow. It didn't last long into the morning, and it was on a Saturday so there were no disruptions etc. Daddy and Griffin went out to play in it and had a blast.

Then last week Kentucky had a major winter storm, and got almost 12" of snow! For us that's like the equivalent to a major blizzard and 3 feet. Ha.

I was out of work for an entire week. Our county schools are going back tomorrow and we're out 6 days. It was a lot.

I loved being snowed in with my boys! I am a hermit by nature, so not going anywhere didn't bother me one bit. But you would think with all that snow we wols have played and played... Not so much. The first day we went down the street to Lilli's, and they lasted outside for like ten minutes. Then the next day he and Daddy played for about 30 minutes. That's all we did all week.

I am so over winter. Done. But I do hope we get this much snow again when griffin is older and would enjoy things like sledding.

It was pretty while it lasted, now bring on the warm weather!

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