Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kangaroo Kickin

All of you know we love to visit the Zoo. Nashville Zoo has been working on a Kangaroo exhibit all summer, and it finally opened last week. So today we decided to check it out. My mom, Livvi, Haven, Griffin and I all headed to check it out. It was great weather to visit the zoo! Livvi and Haven even wore sweatshirts in the shade! 

They had more Kangaroos than I expected. They probably had 25 or more in the area. You got to walk thru their area as long as you stay on the sidewalk. Then the kangaroos get to decide if they want to come up and see you. Only one came up and visited with us today, but she let us pet her! Super nice and calm girl. 

It was neat to be that close to them, I had no idea they were built the way they are. Their back legs are very interesting. 

We had a great time seein all the animals today. It was nice to spend time with mom and Livvi without being in a rush, and as always I loved car ride conversations with Hav. 

Knekne even bought tokens for the carasouel. 

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