Friday, September 27, 2013

A day off

Thursday, I took the day off. It was actually to go to some doctors appointments in TN, not anything fun or exciting. But I definitely tried my best to make the most of it (and succeeded)! So I sent the kid to daycare in the morning and got some much needed housework done. Then I picked him up and we headed down to TN. I picked him up right at nap time, but even though he was tired to refused to sleep for the first 45 min of the hour drive. Oh the best laid plans with toddlers! (He was being super funny though, so I loved the time nonetheless). He feel asleep just right before we got to town, so I just went and sat in my dermatologists parking lot and read. Yay for time to read!

Then we went to two doctors appointments (which I won't bore you with, but just know my thyroid levels are all jacked up again, I am extremely vitamin d deficient, and I wanted to punch the endocrinologist in the face). Griffin did sooo well! He was such good company, and regardless of the circumstances, I was so glad to get to spend more time with him.

So I had printed off and put together a "tot time notebook" for him (from, and he absolutely loved it. It was a great thing for the endless waiting we had to do. Highly recommend it.

After the doctors, we headed back to my parents house and Karen and Reese met us for some girl time! I was so excited we were in Gallatin at the same time. How cute are these two?

Then I did a Norwex party for my mom ( I sell Norwex now, FYI) while Griffin went to see Nanny Martha with my dad. After that I visited with my parents a bit and headed back.

It's kinda amazing what you can fit in a day when you don't have to work :-)

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