Saturday, August 14, 2010

I just need somebody to love...

Whew! I feel like this summer has been on steroids!! The last few weeks have not brought the slower pace I was expecting, but they have brought some great quality time with loved ones. A quick summary:

- Sheldon, the little Pate brother, came to visit for awhile! I sooo treasure our time with him, and this time even more bc we will be moving him into college next week! agh!!

- Last weekend I went to Nashville and got to have a sleepover with some of the bff's. That was wonderful!! We were altogether bc on Sunday one of our best friends from college became a nun. Yep you read right, a nun. Crazy crazy. It was really good to get to see her and I will share more about that later.

- On Tuesday I got to hangout with Becky and Cam, which had been a longtime coming. It was great.

- Wednesday I left work a little early and headed down to Nashville for.... A Justin bieber concert! Ha! (hence the post title) It was livvi's bday present and I had agreed to go so my sister didn't have to beat it alone, then I forgot all about it till she called me this week! It was fun to have a night out on the town with them, and the concert was actually pretty good. But the screaming!!! Ahhh!!!! I couldn't hear for two days.

- And this weekend I headed to Lexington to hear Beth Moore teach the word of God with the ladies fom my church. So good and I have more to share on this soon too, but for now I will say that I was an emotional wreck and cried several times!!

So that's a quick recap for you. I am hoping to go more in detail with you about several if these things soon, but until then lots of love!!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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