Wednesday, June 10, 2009

roses are red, violets are blue...

Well what have I been doing as an unemployed woman? Its a dang good question that sometimes I dont know the answer too (where does that time go?). Last week I was at camp with our Youth. But the week before that I was a busy busy bee at home. 

When we bought this house, people told us we were lucky because it came with such nice landscaping. Well, those people dont know mr.pate and I... we could care less. We are not landscapers. We are very far from it actually! So when we first moved in last august, we did nothing to the outside... didnt weed or trim or anything. It took till October to get me out there! Eventually I made it out there and weeded and trimmed most of the bushes, but there were two plants I refused to touch out there. 

Roses. We have two rose bushes of some kind (dont ask bc i dont have a clue). 
they did. So two weeks ago, I bravely decided it was time to show them who was boss. 

There is one rose bush in the front yard, and one in the back. The one 
in the front was not so bad and ended up still looking like a small bush. The 
one in the back, on the otherhand, didnt cooperate so well. It got cut to 
the ground practically. Here are a few pics for you:
A friend gave us a bunch of free mulch, what a blessing! 
Here is the before of the back area
A before shot, the thing with the pink on it is the rose bush... 
and after shot... notice how there is a big open space behind the chair now?
the rose bush.... crazy thing! 

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  1. the before pictures look like my house! i keep thinking about weeding, but can't get up the energy to actually do it. quite a mess!