Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playing House

so this week Mr.Pate and I are babysitting and housesitting for a family at our church. what does this entail? watching three of their five children, three puppies, one wild dog and some baby chicks. we are living in smiths grove, out in the country. which if you know me then you know is a big stretch for me. i don't feel safe in the country... there is just too much darkness and I am not close enough to people! 

anyhow, these people have a great house with a pool, a tv in practically every room, a huge dream kitchen and a tanning bed! but... 

1. it has rained alot so we haven't enjoyed the pool yet 

2. i only have time to watch tv late at night after the kiddos are asleep but by then i am sleepy too so there is very little hgtv watching happening

3. i am not used to cooking for children and it never fails that kids' tastes suddenly change when mom is gone ("i don't eat that"- child... "your mom says you do"-me... "no i don't!"-child... "its this or nothing"-me.... child eventually eats the food) so the kitchen has not been as enjoyable as i would like

4. i have successfully laid in the tanning bed twice... this is the only perk i have taken advantage of, which if you know my mom and sister sounds about right... tanning is a priority in my family! ha (side-note: i haven't been in a tanning bed in three years!)

you would think watching children is great practice for the future, and I suppose there is some truth to that. but what i have found is that you spend majority of your time just trying to figure out how that family does stuff instead of practicing how you will do stuff... if i hear the statement "our mom doesn't do it that way" one more time!! 

no, but seriously, this week has been a blessing. the kids are good kids and play really well for the most part. they have learned that Mr.Pate and I mean business when we ask them to do something and they have learned to obey us very well. It has been (and always is when we babysit) fun to see Mr.Pate with the kids, that man is going to be such an amazing father!!! I am blessed! 

blogging about watching children gives me a craving to watch Adventures in Babysitting, anyone want to come over and join me? Ha...

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  1. Adventures in Babysitting is one of my favorite movies!!!!!! "...So he walked up to me and he asked me if i wanted to dance. He looked kinda nice and so i said I might take a chance and when we danced he held me tight.......and then he kissed me!" This movie has lead me to walk under curtains like I was getting married millions and zillions of times.