Tuesday, June 10, 2008


in december i had surgery. it was really an ordeal of sorts, and was no big deal at the same time. i had my thyroid removed and then discovered i had thyroid cancer. it sounds very dramatic, but in fact was not a huge deal. once the thyroid was out i really didnt have cancer... so as my husband likes to say- i didnt know i had cancer till i didnt have cancer! but on the financial side of things this has been such an ordeal! obviously surgery costs zillions of dollars, so you can imagine how poor people like the pate's cannot afford this type of thing. (justin says when this is all over i cant go to the doctor for years b/c i have exceeded my cost limit) i have been fighting with my secondary insurance for months now trying to get the correct papers in to the correct people so i can get some correct money! it has been the most frustrating and trying thing i have ever been involved in....
however the Lord has provided....
we found out this weekend that the insurance paid all of it!!! which means i had a semi major surgery and paid zero out of pocket on it!! Praise the Lord!

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