Sunday, July 23, 2017

St Louis Excursion Part 2

After the zoo, we headed to IKEA and then let the kids swim.

Thinking about this as our next couch???

Then we headed to City Museum Saturday morning. Again, it was HOT, we picked the hottest weekend of the year to go unfortunately. Haha! This place was awesome! Griffin had a ball, and Grady enjoyed most of it too.

Mr.Pate had to pull himself through the tree tunnel above... it started out big and got tiny!

The outside was the neatest, which made it annoying it was so hot. The kids still did good though. They went up high! I was impressed.

I was really impressed with Griffin during this part, he went through those wire tunnels in mid-air with no problem!

City Museum was definitely awesome! It was way crowded and hard to keep up with everyone because they go in one tunnel and come out on the other side of the building though. I would recommend either making sure you are prepared to go with little ones, or having amazing helpers like we did :-)

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