Friday, July 21, 2017

Griffin's 6th Birthday

I cannot believe this kid is six already. Six... SIX... it just seems so much more grown up than five. No longer a preschool/toddler/ little kid. He is a younger elementary kid. Geez!

Anyhow, this year we did a small gathering at our house for family and did cake and presents.

It was great!

Then on Wednesday we celebrated at our Church Skating Night with friends, and Griffin asked people to bring donations to Hope House instead of presents. He got the idea from a friend, but I loved that he wanted to do it!

Happy Birthday my sweet firstborn! You have grown and stretched me in so many hard but amazing ways. You are tender-hearted, a phenomenal dancer, a ham, a performer, smart, sassy, hilarious, and a great big brother. Right now you say you want to be a missionary when you grow up, and that just melts my heart!

Love you Griffin Alan Pate.

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