Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spring Break- Florida Style Part 1

So back in April, the boys and I got to head with Knekne and Peeps to Florida for Griffin's Spring Break! Mr.Pate ended up needing to stay back and help with church building stuff and getting things ready for our next phase, which was a bummer for all of us. Other than that- we had such a blast! We went to Kissimmee, which is basically Orlando. The condo we stayed at was soooo nice! The trip there was long, but the boys did better than I expected.

Their favorite part of the condo was this shower! Haha!

We got to swim the first day- and it felt awesome. The pool was right across from our room.

We cooked dinner that night in the place and then hit the hay. The next day we headed to the resort lobby to do some build a bears. The boys loved this and the lady leading it was great.

This is Grady making a wish before he stuffs it in... though it looks like he is crying, haha!

Griffin picked a penguin and Grady did a puppy.

Then we played on the playground at the resort for a bit.

And then headed to the pool for fun and games. It was colder and not many people came out for it.

Then dinner... Knekne is always good at the activities in menus!

Grady and Peeps got in some trash can basketball...

And we went for a walk around the resort, it was so pretty!

Then the boys swam- I mean bathed, haha!

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