Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Mouthful of Adventure (Griffin's first dentist visits)

This big kid went to the dentist for the first time this spring (I know, we are probably behind the game!).

And he rocked it out! He did so good keeping his mouth open, and he did better during the X-ray part than I do! Haha.

This office (Barbee Dental) is sooo good with kids. They rock!

Unfortunately he has my bad teeth and had two tiny cavities we had to get filled. So we had to go back, and he did even better for that!

I was worried how he would do with the laughing gas, but he did so great! He was able to watch Disney while he laid there ;-)

Dr.Matt is so good with him!

Got a Popsicle for his reward! Woo hoo!

Second round!

We are now flossing more and using mouthwash, so hopefully these will be the last... Now if only we could kick our candy habit ;-) hahaha!

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