Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grady is 11 Months Old!

Well, considering the title will only be true for one more week (ahh!), I figured I needed to get this port written! Geez I am behind...

Grady is 11 months old! Oh my this has been one fast year. He is getting more and more independent each day, which is both exciting to see and sad. My baby really isn't very babyish anymore.

• He got his first haircut this month :-( It was just in his eyes too much, so we had too. Made me sad, but it looks cute. He did much better than I thought he would being still and not crying. Yay!

• He has continued to be a good sleeper this month, as long as his zippadee is on. I moved him up to the medium so he has a little more room though. He is now traveling all over his bed all night. Seriously, he is in a completely different corner everytime I wake up and look on the monitor. Haha.

• He has had anymore teeth pop through yet, but I can see some coming. He is gonna have a lot of teeth to grow during his first year! By now Griffin already had most of his.

• He is still loving carbs like a crazy man. He will eat most things you put in front of him though. He started taking the baby pouch food again, but only if he gets to hold it. Mr.Independent :-) He does well with that usually, but occasionally makes a mess and gets it taken away.

• He is doing great cruising, can walk holding only one hand but it's quite ready to walk on his own. He has taken a few steps but lacks confidence so far.

• He still loves balls and pretty much wants one in his hands at all times. He will throw it and bounce it himself too. It's so cute.

YouTube Video

• We let Grady start driving this month too... He is a little wild of course :-)

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Love this spunky, and a bit stubborn redhead!

(A view of those big ol spread out front teeth, ha!)

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