Saturday, October 24, 2015

August Recap

Since I got so behind on the blog, I am gonna go ahead a do a few month updates so I remember what we did.

It's a hard month for me to recap because I switched phones and didn't get all of my stuff moved over to it. But here is a quick recap:

• We had Eli's birthday party.
• The kids spent at week at my parents house. There school was closed for training, so my dad took vacation time to keep them for us. Sooo thankful for that! It is a hard time of year for me to take off (and most of the rest of family bc they work in schools too), so this was a huge blessing. The boys had a blast!
• Mr.Pate started a new job. He is now working at Bristow Elementary as the ALC room teacher. That is the room where kids go if they are in trouble, need to finish work, need to calm down etc. He is still working Part-Time for Servpro, and then of course with church. It's kinda crazy! Ha! He really felt God was calling him to take this opportunity to get into the school and get to know more of the community we are trying to reach. So far so good!
• We had dinner at the Staggs and played games. So fun!
• We went to Beech Bend with the Watsons and Uncle D, but ended up seeing lots of friends there that day.
• Grandma and Papaw visited.
• I went to the dermatologist to get a sketchy spot on my leg frozen off (spoiler alert, I had to do it again in Sept and I think that one took)
• WKU started back, which is always a super busy time for me.
• We had dinner at the Watsons with the Broadys also. Super fun.
• A few friends did a Freezer Cooking Day! Which I loved! It has been so helpful.
• We finished up Parking Lot Party for the Summer too. Gonna miss those crazies!!
• We finished up our bible study! Proud of us for sticking through it, and I really learned a whole lot.
• And on nights we didn't have "events" we played outside as much as possible! We had some sprinkler fun, lots of wagon rides, and the boys played some driveway tennis :-)

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