Monday, August 10, 2015

Week in Review {8/2-8/8}

We started our week off with church on Sunday morning, per the norm :-)

Griffin asked me why I put this "dress" on Grady! Haha, apparently he is not a fan of rompers?

Sunday night we had the Bunton's over for dinner. It has been forever since we have had just one family over for dinner (we have large groups for bible study or life group weekly), so it was actually very fun to cook for just us two families! I took advantage of the opportunity and cooked Mr.Pate's fav- chicken cordon bleu with béarnaise sauce. And it was so yummy. It was wonderful getting to hangout with them.

My next StitchFix came on Monday, so I tried on all of those clothes after work, and Griffin took pics of each piece for me :-)

Two of the shirts were too big and one was too small :-( And I loved the black pants but not the price... So I kept one tank top.

After that we played outside for awhile. Griffin drove Grady in his power wheels for the first time and Grady loved it!

(Notice the ball in Grady's hand. We have become obsessed and won't put them down.)
Then Griffin pushed his brother for a bit :-)

And then we had our first brother wagon ride. How precious?! We spent many a night at our old house pulling Griffin in this wagon after dinner, so It is too sweet to get to pull two babies now. I love having two kids. Everything is just sweeter.

Tuesday we had our last Parking Lot party for the summer. I am going to miss seeing these crazies once a week!

Wednesday we went to Smiths Grove Baptist to visit, and then helped Uncle D finish up his classroom. This goofs had my phone the whole time we were at church ;-)

Thursday Grady ended up getting sent home with a fever. We are pretty positive it's teething related. We had bible study, and then our praise band practiced at our house bc the church building has a special event this week. It was so sweet to hear my whole house filled with worship music (or in theory it was, during this time Griffin was having a massive meltdown so I couldn't fully enjoy it, but that's life!).

Friday we had dinner at the Peach's and then we played outside at their house. Griffin bought a new bike this week with birthday money, so we got in some good biking time.

Saturday I took some senior photos in the morning, then Mr.Pate's parents and Uncle came in town and we all headed to Chuy's. Yummo!!

After nap time we headed to Eli's birthday party! It was at the Smiths Grove park, which was a great location. The kids had a ball!

Great week :-)

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