Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week in Review {6/14-6/21}

Summer fun continues! We started last week off with a trip to "The Peach Party" at a local restaurant/general store. It was really really hot, really crowded, and not super conducive to hanging out. But my burger was good and Griffin enjoyed his ice cream, so yay for that. Ha!

Sunday afternoon we had an impromptu cookout at a local park for our church. It was such a blast! Poor Mr.Pate was manning the grill and dealing with some horrible smoke though. Lots of our church came out and we had a ton of fun hanging out and talking, letting the kids run around the park, and even playing some bocce ball. Can you figure out who won?! ;-)

That night we decided to put Grady in the big boy bathtub for the first time ever! He loved it, and big bro liked having him too.

This is the look I got this week when I was nursing him while wearing my hair up in a hair turban. Haha.

Grady has been lunging from sitting to the crawl position now. But he hates his belly, and being up on his hands and knees. So he either flips right over, or buries his head in the floor and cries. Haha, we have some work to do.

We also have started putting Grady in the shopping cart lately. How cute are they?!

This weekend we had softball on Friday night, then helped with a block party Saturday. It was raining off and on the entire time we were there, but it still turned out pretty well.
Sunday was Fathers Day and Mr.Pate even wore the tie Griffin had made at school! What an amazing Daddy he is. Seriously.

After church, we headed to TN to a pool party with my family. It took Griffin some warming up, but then he started having a blast. I hope that continues all summer!

Grady seemed to love floating around, as long as he had something to put in his mouth he was good!

Once we got home, Daddy and Griffin had a blast playing for awhile while I finished cleaning the kitchen. Grady had his own party with his toy bin and walker thing.

What a great week. Now on to the next, which has something every night! Ahhh!

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