Saturday, October 25, 2014

Welcome to the world Eden Rae!

As I mentioned before, Eden Rae Broady joined the world on Oct 11th. Her "due date" was not until Nov 4th. So she surprised us all a little :-)

She was 6lbs even at 36 & 1/2 weeks so that is wonderful! She came out great (Havens labor was quick- lucky thing!) and did not have any breathing issues!! Woohoo. That's always a concern for early babies. She did battle with a little bit of jaundice in her first week, but her parents did some great research and got her a "glow" blanket to fix her right up. They are breastfeeding and rockin it out! I am so proud of them and love getting to see both of them as parents. It's the cutest.

Griffin adores Eden. He has held her twice really well and been so proud of himself for it too! Ha. He also has had to practice not getting to close when he had a little cough, just to be safe. This is great practice for him :-)

We love you Eden Rae! And we cannot wait for you and Grady to become best friends, whether you want to or not! Ha!

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