Monday, October 13, 2014

37 Weeks and Counting...

So it's been several weeks since I have updated about pregnancy #2. So here is a brief synopsis of where we are at...

Weeks: 37

Total Weight gained: 25lbs

Preggo Symptoms: Last week I had swelling in my ankles that hurt to touch! I never swelled with Griffin so I didn't know how awful it feels! Luckily my blood pressure is great (100/66) and no protein in my urine, so no signs of preeclampsia. Just regular ol swelling. And it has gone down tremendously this week. Lots of pelvic pain. Blah. Can barely breathe and constantly sound like I am out of breath. Yay.

Doctor said I was measuring 37 weeks last week and 40 this week! So my belly really grew. It's pretty huge at this point.

We are just trucking along and hoping these 3 weeks hurry on by.

Griffin is often saying things like "when Grady gets out of your belly you can run with me momma" and "when Grady gets here you can do such and such". I think we are all ready to meet him and be done with this pregnancy! Ha!

And a comparison of the belly with Griffin and Grady...

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