Sunday, August 24, 2014

The new Pate house room by room: Master Bedroom

We have been in our new house almost a month now, and finally feeling pretty settled! After pretty much spending the whole summer packing, moving, living at Dustin's, and moving again, it is so nice to be HOME!

So we still have some work to do with actually decorating rooms and such, but this blog is so not about being perfect so I figured I would go ahead and show you the new place as-is. Up first, the master bedroom.

It is pretty huge, and turning out to be one of my favorite rooms in the house. Our old bedroom was pretty small, but we never cared because we just sleep there. This place feel humongous comparatively! Ha! We upgraded to a king size bed and I am telling you what, I am in love. I always said I didn't want a king size because they are so massive. But with the two of us, a really large dog, a fat cat and soon to be two kiddos- it was needed. Love love love it.

The room is right off the living room, and on the other side of the house from the kiddos.

Best part of the house, we now have 2 bathrooms! For those that didn't know, we have lived the last 8 years with one bathroom. Obviously first world problems, but it's so nice and convenient to have two!!

Our master closet is really large and I am loving the organization and storage.

That's our new space. More rooms to follow soon :-)

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