Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Griffin's 3 Year Old Stats

Well Griffin Pate is officially 3 years old (and a month at this point). Here are a few stats and facts about him at this stage...

  • He weighs 28 lbs and is 36 1/2" tall. 
  • He is still not the greatest sleeper. Lately he has slept fine through the night, but we have gotten into bad habits of laying with him to get him to fall asleep. Once we are settled in the new house we will tackle that...if I can get the energy up!
  • He still loves loves loves to dance. He really loves the Dance games for the Wii, and is pretty good at them too. 
  • Favorites right now: 
    • Foods: Chuy's, carrots, tomatoes, candy, gum
    • Shows: Daniel Tiger, Carebears (random but found it on netflix), Sprout
    • Toys: his "notebook", kitchen and food, daniel tiger toy, stuffed animals, zoo figurines,  spiderman figurine
    • Pastimes: Still loves to pretend to take orders and go make your food, making up his own songs,playing with his animals...
    • Books: Brown Bear Brown Bear; My No, No , No Day; Where the Wild Things Are
  • Potty Training: He is fully potty trained during the day and has been since January pretty much. We are just now tackling night, now that we are settled into the house. Wish us luck! 
  • He knows colors, shapes, how to say the abcs and how to identify some letters, can count to 20, can cut pretty well, and is starting to be able to trace letters, numbers and shapes pretty good.

Griffin is a hilarious kid. He has a really unique personality and says the funniest things. He is really excited about being a big brother, and I think he is gonna rock at it!

Thats him for now :-)

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