Monday, February 11, 2013

From Sunroom to Playroom

Well, I have been putting off writing a post on our recent sunroom makeover hoping we would get the last "decorative" touches done. But who cares? Haha. So here is our room, with rough pictures I snapped while we actually played in it. So it ain't perfect looking, but it is super fun!

Before Pictures (these are actually from right after we moved in so it looked a little different):

Our house is only a two bedroom house, and the bedrooms are small. So there just wasn't much space to play and spread out. We have this sunroom that was really just a walk thru where we piled things, so we decided to make better use of it. I love it!!

After photos:

We got the rug at for $80 (its an 8x10 and huge! we love it!). We bought a shoe cubby to put individual toys in, which I like a lot. I had been keeping toys in canvas bins and it was hard to rotate and ensure we played with all of them. Now Griffin can see all of them. We bought a taller bookshelf to put all of our games on (because you know we have just a few) and I am glad to have them all in one spot. The kid table and chairs are from big lots. Love them. Is my kid seriously that big?!!! 

Happy Playing! 

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