Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A church building in the making

Well we are in!! It's been less than a year since our church "broke ground", and as of last week we are in the building. I am amazed at how quickly the process went and how great the process has been. I was expecting way more drama ;-)

For those who don't know, our church had been meeting under several roofs. We had several houses on our block and different classes met in each. For our building project, we tore down our old education wing, children's house and youth house in order to add one large education and multipurpose space. It connects to our sanctuary. Being under one roof is amazing. Like tonight, I didn't have to walk thru wet grass to get to youth. Woo hoo!!! I mean, walking thru wet grass is not a huge hardship and having a space to meet in at all has been a blessing all these years, but having it all in one space is truly blessing beyond compare.

Griffin and his buddy Eli are having a blast breaking in the new nursery too!! ;-)

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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