Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fargo... Yes for Spring Break

So for Spring Break the BCM sent out four different teams to Philly, Arlington, Panama City and Fargo. So where did I go?

Fargo, ND.

We are here helping with a church planting movement called MissionFargo. So three college students and myself are here to scope out the area and help do research, as well as talk with the local fargo people.

Yesterday we hung out in coffee shops and on campus in the student center to get a feel for who hangs out where.

The one downfall we have run into?? The weather. It has been snowing (well it is Fargo you know) and today is a blizzard! So most people havent been out and about. So it has made it difficult to talk to people or do much research.

Today we are stuck in the church we are staying at. Bc there is a BLIZZARD. Really a BLIZZARD! Crazy. Ill keep you posted.

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