Monday, September 5, 2016

July in Review

We started July out with a trip to Louisville. On the way up, we told Griffin about his new baby sister and this was his reaction:

YouTube Video

Heartbreaking now I know, but it was one of the sweetest and funniest moments that I do not want to forget.

We dropped the boys off at Grandma's and then headed to camp to see our youth group.

The next day we went to Aunt Lisa's for some 4th of July fun!

We had a great firework show and then hit the road late to head back home. The next two nights we got to enjoy fireworks in our neighborhood like crazy, and did some sparklers on our deck.

We went to Beech Bend with Knekne and at one point she was the only one available to ride with Griffin... Anyone who knows her knows what an act of love this is! She doesn't ride. And she was freaking out so much that Griffin had to say, "it's ok knekne, you can calm down!" Haha!

We celebrated Cayslee's 3rd birthday!

And we had a "going away" dinner for Rach. She moved to Glasgow to be closer to her new teaching job.

I caught Griffin helping his brother with shoes one morning!! How precious?!

Our youth shared what they learned at camp, and we celebrated Nakiya's birthday!

This little man helped daddy now the grass several times and do yard work!

And we went and played disc golf with Uncle D, Jacob and Ashley. The kids did awesome!

On July 11th, we found out we had lost our baby girl. A friend sent me these words and I have found them so comforting...

We framed the ultrasound picture and Griffin put it in his bed and kisses it before he goes to sleep. It's beautiful.

I stayed home from work for a few days recouping from the D & C, and we were well taken care of by our church family with meals and love and gifts.

Then Papaw came down to visit! We had a blast spending time with him for the week!

Poor Griffin got a nasty stomach bug though. How cute is this pic of him and Zoey? She had to have surgery on a hematoma on her ear, and lived in a cone for a few weeks.

Papaw and Uncle D helped Mr.Pate put up the swing set! They didn't give us the right chains for the swings so we had two baby swings for a little while :-) haha! It's all fixed now though.

Griffin had his 5th birthday!

And we had VBS- Family Style (post coming soon)! Grady got to skate for the first time!

Baby Porter made her debut a little early and very quickly (haha), but was perfect and adorable!

We headed to the Louisville Zoo with Amber and Lilli (see full post a few posts above).

Then we had a baptism service on Sunday. It was in a neat place in Edmonson County. Ethan and Lee got baptized and it was awesome!

Then we literally left from there for Florida! We headed out for our first ever family vacation, thanks to the Bosticks!! It was such a great trip, and you can read a day by day recap further up on the blog.

Also, Becky and Gary got to come home the Thursday before we left! They started rehab and getting into a new routine at home. Gary really did awesome, though he wasn't pleased with his progress. Becky came back to work and was able to get us all back on track ;-)

That was July... It was long and emotionally hard but also had some amazing times too. Definitely a month I am likely never to forget.

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