Saturday, March 19, 2016

The rest of February

We were doing an activity where I would tell Griffin the attribute of God, and he would act it out for daddy to guess... I was trying for "steadfast" but for some reason Griffin just started acting out "dramatic". Grady decided to join and they both rolled around, it was hilarious!!

Griffin and Bro shared a tree hug during a chuys lunch. Ha!

I think my boys look so alike.

We tried out Jump Air Zone with Lilli one Saturday. It took Griffin some time to warm up to it, but then we had fun. He loved the foam pit!

What a little man?! And yes, our obsession with balls is holding strong.

Our cute Wednesday night nursery crew.

We are back to walking into daycare... So precious.

My little fox.

Griffin and I have been playing Jenga, and reading Chronicles of Narnia :-) I am hoping he will love Narnia as much as me!!

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